Walk Into The Summer Safely With The Free PedSafe App

Be Safe • Be Seen!

(SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA – 06/24/15) The PedSafe app assists pedestrians to be proactive and alert when crossing or walking near streets and roadways. It helps improve drivers’ awareness by increasing the users visibility. Designed by a Former Fire Chief and a Former Public Works Supervisor, who experienced first hand the results of drivers treating people on foot as if they were not there, PedSafe was developed to make pedestrians more noticeable while walking. Using the symbol for a pedestrian crossing, PedSafe generates an amber random strobe pattern that allows the user to be seen from up to 3-5 city blocks away (1000 feet/300 meters) at night. It also prevents distracted walking, as the user cannot text when PedSafe is activated.

PedSafe is available for FREE downloading for iOS and Android phones.

“We knew we could help,” said Larr Smurthwaite, former Public Works Supervisor for the City of San Bruno, CA, and PedSafe co-founder. “Maybe not save everybody, but certainly provide a way to make pedestrians more visible. PedSafe accomplishes that.”

“About every eight minutes, a person gets hit by a car in the US,” said Dan Voreyer, former Fire Chief for the City of San Bruno, CA, and PedSafe co-founder. “We took the idea behind crosswalk safety lights and put into everyone’s hands, in a smartphone app.”

Larr and Dan are life long friends who are concerned about the chronic number of pedestrian related accidents that occur every day. They developed PedSafe to try and make a difference and prevent the tragedies they saw in their careers. “We are excited to share our passion for pedestrian safety in a simple, effective way,” said Dan.

Features include:

  • Simple on/off activation with one touch of the screen
  • Easy-to-use and safe tool for pedestrians of all languages, cultures, and ages
  • Random strobe pattern allows the user to be seen from up to 3-5 city blocks away (1000 feet or 300 meters)
  • Amber color of strobe is internationally recognized as a “caution” or “warning” light
  • Prevents distracted walking, as user cannot text when PedSafe is activated
  • Helps the user to be more engaged and attentive as a pedestrian
  • Can be utilized world-wide
  • Helps keep loved ones safe, especially children and seniors, when crossing streets and roadways

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